Creating value for your customers

We start from your impact at the customer. Bringing value by translating the business needs to an end-to-end network monitoring & security setup. We believe in sharing knowledge. If you now how to make the sell and implement a top-notch solution for your customer, we both win. Our team values a personal relationship and will work closely with you (on a human level and in terms of location). Because that’s how we create an impact, already more than 15 years.

Creating an easy access to both solutions & knowledge is what makes the difference. So we work hard to make things hassle fee for you by offering value added services like taking care of logistics, pricing & support.

Prodisight has a proven track record of deploying various Monitoring & security solutions in both Enterprise and Service Provider environments. Impact guaranteed!


Personal Relationship

  • human(personal relationship, knowledge transfer, geo coverage).
  • The Prodisight team has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in Network Monitoring.
  • Technical: Tech support, strong geo covar., technical expertise & solution experts


  • Worldwide project delivery experience.
  • Strong expertise in niche and new technologies.
  • Proven innovator.